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We welcome you to PrayogWiki. Its an Wiki for editing of Tutorials and articles related to our Prayog series of development tools, all tutorials and articles related to Prayog Boards will reside here.

Get started with AVRPrayog All the programs and Tutorials are almost same for avrPrayog & USBPrayog only the method of flash downloading is differentDownload the Schematic PDF
Getting Started with USBPrayog

AVR Prayog/ USBPrayog is an Open Source, low cost electronics and embedded systems learning and Prototyping platform. We made it, inspired by a set of open source projects around the web including Arduino, V-USB, avr-dude etc. We made it open to community to develop more creative ideas around it. So, we hope to see your next cool project around avrPrayog here at PrayogWiki.

Basic Know Hows !

Downloads !

Prayogs [Experiments]

Hacks using Prayog board

Buy a Prayog Board

Other Tutorials

General Electronics Notes

Experiments with STM32F4 Discovery Board

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